Win a Play-Doh cake mountain

Pretend Play Bakery – Play and Learn with Play Doh GIVEAWAY

We are huge fans of pretend play – Little Guy loves it because it’s FUN and I love it because it offers endless learning opportunities. I’ve written before about the importance of play, and for me, pretend play is at the top of the list. Pretend play is how kids make sense of the world […]
buying a car

Choosing the Right Car for Our Family

For the past few weeks, Mark and I have been looking into buying a second family car – something small and economical that Mark can drive to work without costing a bomb in fuel, and something that I could easily zip up to the shops in or do the school pick up. When it comes […]
ideas 9

What Do You See? Creative Thinking Challenge for Kids

Have you heard about Origin Energy’s amazing littleBigIdeas competition?  We all know kids are just bubbling with brilliant ideas – they have a very special way of looking at the world. To them, anything is possible. Thanks to Origin Energy, that creative thinking and enthusiasm is being recognised with their littleBigIdeas competition.  Kids in grades […]
Chocolate soup recipe

Warm Chocolate Soup and a Comfy Cosy Giveaway

I served these fabulous bowls of pure chocolate indulgence at a dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago. My dear friend Miss K pleaded with me to blog the recipe and who am I to deny anyone some sweet chocolate bliss? So, here it is, my warm chocolate soup recipe. Be sure to check […]

Weekend Reads and Two Giveaways

Here in Sydney last week, Mother Nature put on a spectacular display. It had been one of “those” days – everyone down with the flu, there were so many places to be and things to be done. We were all exhausted. While I was preparing dinner I noticed the light changing colour outside. Everything was […]
Myer 1

Sparking Childrens’ Imaginations at the Myer MyKids Emporium

I’m so excited to share with you a little day trip we recently took to Melbourne. It was R’s first time on a plane which was exciting in itself, but add to that the fact that we were visiting Myer’s new MyKids Emporium and you have the makings of one extremely exciting day. We were […]
kids lunches

A Week of Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Making school lunches can be such a chore, especially with fussy eaters in the family. It can be easy to fall into a daily grind of the same thing for lunch every. single. day. Yaaawn! If you’re looking for some tasty, healthy lunchbox options that are no fuss, and quick and easy to make, here […]
Walking with Dinosaurs

Weekend Reads {and a Giveaway!}

For the longest time now I’ve wanted to share things with you all that didn’t quite fit in to the usual early learning/parenting/kids activities theme that we usually focus on here at One Perfect Day. Sometimes I’ll come across something and think, “Ooh, my lovely readers would really LOVE this” but I have no way […]
Outdoor play ideas for kids

12+ Totally Awesome, Kid-Approved, Outdoor Play Ideas

We LOVE outdoor play. When we are having one of “those” days and nothing seems to be working, heading outside for even fifteen minutes never fails to turn things around. Here are some ideas for outside play that I hope will inspire you to head out into the world and learn and discover. 1. This […]
Black Forrest Cake (Light background Square format) - IMG_0313

Hint Hint – Letting The Family Know What You Really Want for Mother’s Day

If you could choose exactly what you wanted this Mother’s Day, what would it be? I would choose time. Time to relax and enjoy the day with my family. Time to read a book. Time to do absolutely nothing. It’s not always easy for our kids and partners to know what it is that we’d […]