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saying yes

The Power of Yes

Yes. Such a small, simple word. Yet so powerful. We haven’t been using “yes” around here enough lately. Too often, when I have heard the words ”Mummy, can you play with me?” my response has been “I can’t right now honey” or “I will

Mixing oil and water – science experiment

One of R(3)’s most favourite things to do at the moment is colour mixing. Whenever we play with paint lately, he inevitably has more fun experimenting with mixing the colours than actually putting paint on paper. I thought this little experiment of mixing

Easy DIY fine motor skills activity

This Montessori style fine motor skills activity is so quick and simple to put together. Does your family eat cereal? Does your family eat macaroni? Yes? Then you have everything you need to make this activity and you won’t have to outlay

Shaving foam fun!

There’s nothing I love more than when I set out with a particular goal in mind for learning through play and the activity ends up as something else entirely. This happens quite a lot actually! For some time now I have been planning on

Spiderman Cupcakes Tutorial

Aren’t these just the cutest cupcakes? And they are so simple to make. That’s my kind of cooking – maximum impact for minimum effort. I made these last week for R’s last day at kindy. When I offered to make him a

Big Messy Fun

Last week we took advantage of the one tiny break we had from the rain and went outside for some big messy art. Recognise that mish mash of colours on the left? Yep, that’s our homepage image. Those colours make my heart sing!

Oh The Places You’ll Go…..

Today was a day of mixed emotions for me. We sadly said goodbye to all of the thoroughly lovely, dedicated and downright incredible teachers, and dear sweet kiddies, at R’s(3) daycare centre. He has been attending this centre three days a
sensory bin match

February activity trays – V is for Valentine’s Day

These are the trays that I’ve put together for R (3.5) this month. This is something I do every few weeks. The trays usually have a Montessori influence and I try to include an activity to cover fine motor skills, art, sensory

The way to my heart….

Mr Perfect Day and I have never really been big observers of Valentine’s Day. We don’t go for the sentimental cards or the overpriced bouquets. Being the foodies that we are however, we do usually cook something special and have a nice