Magic Easter Beans – a seriously cute and super simple Easter tradition

Last year, we began an adorable Easter tradition which I found via THIS post from Meet The Dubiens. This was so simple and quick to put together and R just LOVED it. He was still talking about it months later. Here is what happened last Easter…..

On Easter eve we found some magical beans…

We dug a hole in the garden….

and we planted the magic Easter beans.

We patted down the soil…

and gave it all a good watering.

Then, on Easter morning, we went outside and found this growing in the garden!

Yummy! I like gardening!

This morning, I prepared this year’s magical Easter beans and lollipop. Here are the beans….

 And here is what R will find on Easter Sunday after planting his magical beans.


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  1. What a sweet tradition! I love it!

    • Thanks Rebekah! We had so much fun with this last year and R would point to that spot in the garden for months afterwards, talking about the magic beans.

  2. LOVE this! (If we can get the snow melted a bit more and the ground unfreezes enough.)

    • Hi Melissa! Perhaps you could try an indoor version? Plant some beans in a pot inside the house?

  3. what a cute idea! this is absolutely darling! look at his little face looking at the lollipop! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

    • Thanks Andie! You should have seen his face today when he discovered this year’s beans! I can’t wait for tomorrow when he sees that lollipop. :)

  4. I am all over this one! Thank you for sharing at the Co-Op! ~Marnie (Carrots Are Orange) ;-)

    • Thanks Marnie! Thanks for sharing it on the Co-Op’s FB wall! I hope you have a lovely Easter. :)

  5. Melody

    I LOVE this idea!! I love it so much, that I “found” some magic beans, and lollipops today to start this tradition for ourselves. Thank you so much for this awesome tradition that we will start with our little ones!! I can’t wait!! :)

    • I’m so glad you loved it Melody! It really is such a cute idea. R found this year’s beans today. He was so excited and kept talking all night about what he might find in the garden tomorrow. So so sweet. I hope you and your family have fun with it!

  6. This is a lovely ‘magical’ Easter tradition. Making memories. Love it!

    • Hi Amie! I’m sorry I took so long to reply to your lovely comment. It really is a lovely idea isn’t? Such a fun tradition.

  7. Holly

    we do this every year with my son he loves it . not my youngest will start doing it to. such a great tradition.