Play Dough fun with Christmas Cookie Cutters

Christmas is just around the corner. No really, it is! Actually I’ve been saying that since, oh, July. I adore Christmas. Some might even say I’m Christmas crazy, just a little. So it’s actually a bit of a surprise that it’s taken me this long to start our Christmas crafts and activities. I’ll have LOTS to share with you over the coming weeks – kid’s crafts, cooking with kids, a DIY advent calendar, homemade gifts, and some reflections on my attempts to simplify Christmas this year and teach R what it’s really all about.

Today I made some of our home made play dough – five batches in fact! Seriously, this stuff is EASY to make and takes no time at all so five batches wasn’t nearly as much work as it sounds. If you haven’t tried making play dough at home before, check out my earlier post for the super simple how-to.

I set out the play dough for R, along with some Christmas themed cookie cutters and some embellishments to decorate the play dough. I tried to pick items which might be good as decorations on the play dough Christmas trees. I put out:
pom poms
coloured toothpicks

Although I made five batches of play dough, some of them were actually for a Star Wars play dough activity which I’ll share in a future post. R rquested that I make black for Darth Vader and blue for R2D2 (which was an interesting choice since R2D2 is white, but I digress). We used blue, white and green play dough for our Christmas theme – all of these colours were R’s choice. He thought the white would look like snow for our snow flake cookie cutters. To make the white play dough, follow my recipe as usual, but don’t add any food colouring. We decided to add some gold glitter to the white play dough for a bit of sparkle. Now, when I say “some” gold glitter, I mean an entire bottle! This was in part because I spilled the bottle of glitter on the dining table and the ball of play dough was the perfect tool for picking up all that glitter. Worked a treat! It actually needed the entire bottle of glitter for the sparkle to show up at all.

After rolling out the play dough and using the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes, R set to work decorating his trees. He said these beads were the lights on the Christmas tree.

He used round cookie cutters to make Christmas baubles.

H also made a green gingerbread man. So cute! We also made a batch of gingerbread play dough (scented with cinnamon and nutmeg, so yummy!) and we used it to make more cute gingerbread men. I’ll be sharing that activity on an upcoming post at When the post is published over there, I’ll update this post with the link.

So lovely and bright and colourful!

Love that snowflake!

I’m hoping to make our Advent calendar this weekend so I’ll share that with you all next week. I’m still undecided what I’m going to make this year. There’s so many gorgeous ideas on my Advent Calendar Pinterest Board. Yes, I have a board devoted entirely to Advent Calendars. I saw this beautiful Autumn leaf tree over at Julia’s Bookbag last week and I think it might just become the inspiration for my Advent Calendar this year. We shall see…

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